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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Augusten Burroughs' Ginger Ale

I'm sitting at my desk drinking a can of Dr. Brown's Ginger Ale because Augusten Burroughs didn't drink it which I find just a little offensive because I rushed across the street from the bookstore to Kopperman's deli to get it for him. I read on his website that he drinks Ginger Ale by the gallon and thought that to make up for possibly being neurotic enough to send him back into raging alcoholism I would spring for this little gift.

I don't even like Kopperman's.

Anyway, the Ginger Ale is good. The booksigning he had here was good. I read both of his books just after he appeared here. Now I'm convinced I'm a raging alcoholic. I decided to see if I could refrain from any alcohol imbibment for one month. Then I laughed at that attempt and cut it down to a week.

I had a Guiness last night. Two and a half days isn't bad, and besides it was the Cardinals/Astros game. I needed a beer.

My guess is that Augusten only likes his Ginger Ale of choice, Blenheim, and Dr. Brown's is too weird to drink.


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